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Transform your product roadmap with real-time customer feedback. Optimize your user experience from first login to renewal, driving both revenue and retention.

Drive Revenue & Retention by Leveraging Customer Feedback

For tech companies, converting qualitative user feedback into actionable insights is a complex yet crucial task. As technology pushes the boundaries, consumers not only demand cutting-edge features but also expect personalized experiences, intuitive digital platforms, and immediate support. To stay competitive, tech companies require the ability to capture and analyze user feedback from diverse touch-points in real-time.

Let Your Data Drive Success

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Use Your Data to Boost Service, Reduce Response Times, and Retain Customers

Get a Complete Picture

Automatically identify the critical themes impacting your business to drive improvements and enhance customer satisfaction. Discover and action the customer feedback found in surveys, reviews, interviews, and call transcripts.

Drive Business Impact with a Complete Picture

Leverage Existing Work

Build a knowledge base to share across the organization that leverages you existing work, and updates as you learn new things. Your business brain develops continually learns as relevant information is added to your analysis.

Retain & Reuse Relevant Info for Better Decisions

Implement Proactive Measures

Automatically track the key patterns and trends in all your text data to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Fuel innovation by delivering impactful outcomes to the entire organization.

Take Action with Informed Decisions

Understand Every Language

Eliminate language barriers to ensure a seamless understanding of the voice of your customers, and enhance the ability to make data-driven decisions that resonate globally across diverse markets.

Understand Every Customer in Any Language

Make Every Review Five Stars

Improve NPS, CSAT and Customer Service reviews by unlocking the critical insights in your customer data.

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Customer Insights Use Case

As a leader in Customer Insights within the tech sector, customer satisfaction ranks at the top of your priorities. Your team is committed to addressing a range of customer needs, from inquiries and complaints to software issues, technical support, and after-sales service.

Yet, you're confronted with the complex task of sifting through large volumes of qualitative data across multiple digital platforms. To elevate the customer experience, you need a real-time, automated analytical solution to make data-informed decisions that minimize response times to measurably enhance customer retention and drive product revenue.