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Turn feedback into action and boost NPS scores 30%

NPS scores are incomplete without the actual verbatim feedback that provides necessary depth of context to truly understand the full customer experience. There is undeniable value in decoding customer comments and the underlying themes that impact your business: your team becomes proactive and recognizes opportunities to impact customers and operations. See how one company turned feedback into corrective action and increased NPS scores by 30%!

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Improve quality across global teams and markets

Global teams that effortlessly understand customer sentiment and issues in every market and language help  support a rapid approach to innovation. The early detection of potential product issues can minimize warranty and recall costs, while patterns can emerge that identify opportunities to improve operational performance. See how one company manages 3rd party vendors using feedback from every market in the world to proactively address customer issues.

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Global Sales

Unlock R&D insights to drive confidence in innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology automation, the secret to developing a successful platform may be as straightforward as listening to the customer. When that customer talks about your competitor, you can tune those vocalized needs into insights that guide your product development. See how a leader in marketing technology created a competitive edge in a saturated market by truly understanding the customer preferences, and the  pain points to overcome, for an exceptional experience.

Organizational Efficiencies

Product Development

Identify an outage impacting 15K+ users after a product update.

After implementing a new product update, there was a surge in login issues impacting a significant portion of an apps user base. Using Resultid, they quickly identified the issue that was previously unnoticed due to resource constraints. This rapid detection led to immediate corrective action and a real business result that showcases the platform's ability to marrying qualitative text data with quantitative metrics for real-world business impact.

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