Drive the results you need with the data you have,
on autopilot.

Understand Customer Data & Simplify Decisions

Get a Complete

Automatically identify critical themes using customer feedback found in surveys, reviews, interviews, and call transcripts to drive improvements and enhance customer satisfaction.

Drive Business Impact with a Complete Picture

Gain Novel

Tell me what I don’t know, not what I already know! Discover the non-obvious issues and sentiment that are driving customer behaviors by easily identifying connections and patterns in your customer data.

Gain Actionable Insights from Diverse Channels

Implement Proactive

Automatically track the key patterns and trends from your text data to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Fuel innovation by delivering impactful outcomes to the entire organization.

Take Action with Informed Decisions

Unlock the Insights for Success

See Results in Action

Resultid discovers and preserves connections in text data that forward thinking companies rely on to improve operations and anticipate trends.


At Resultid, we are at the forefront of automotive intelligence, helping forward-thinking companies in the industry uncover hidden connections within text data that drive innovation, enhance operations, and predict industry trends.

As the automotive sector continues to evolve rapidly, our cutting-edge technology and expertise empower you to stay ahead of the curve.

Our mission is to unlock the potential within your automotive data, whether it's customer reviews, industry reports, market analysis, or internal documents.


At Resultid, we are your committed ally in the technology sector, dedicated to amplifying your capabilities to deliver innovative products and optimize operational workflows. In the fast-paced landscape of technology, where innovation and efficiency are key, we offer a distinct edge—the ability to derive actionable insights from complex data sets.

Our core strength lies in deciphering the wealth of information buried within various data types, including user feedback, product logs, market analyses, and more. Utilizing our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and data analytics tools, we enable you to make informed decisions that transform your tech business.


At Resultid, we are your trusted partner in the airline industry, offering a unique advantage in deciphering the wealth of information hidden within text data. We understand that in today's dynamic aviation landscape, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring operational efficiency is paramount.

That's why we specialize in unraveling the threads of text data to provide you with actionable insights that redefine your airline's success.

Our commitment is to empower your airline business with the knowledge and foresight needed to excel.


At Resultid, we are your dedicated partner in the hospitality industry, committed to enhancing your ability to deliver exceptional guest experiences and streamline operations. In the world of hospitality, where guest satisfaction and operational efficiency are paramount, we offer a unique advantage – the power to unlock invaluable insights from text data.

Our expertise lies in unraveling the myriad of information hidden within text data sources, such as guest reviews, booking records, market reports, and more. With our advanced natural language processing and data analytics solutions, we empower you to make data-driven decisions that redefine your hospitality business.

Driving a Consistent Customer Experience

Mission of

Different types of data from different sources can be analyzed together. Deliver information and insight consistency by applying the same analysis for all of your customer data, in any language.

Gain Actionable Insights from Diverse Channels

Existing Work

Build a knowledge base that leverages your existing work and updates as you learn new things. Your business brain develops as it continually adds relevant information to your analysis.

Gain Actionable Insights from Diverse Channels

No Language

Eliminate language barriers to ensure a seamless understanding of the voice of your customers, and  enhance the ability to make data-driven decisions that resonate globally across diverse markets.

Take Action with Informed Decisions

The largest companies in the world use Resultid to drive business outcomes

They turn the potential of qualitative data into quantitative decisions

Turn feedback into action and boost NPS scores 30%

NPS scores are incomplete without the actual verbatim feedback that provides necessary depth of context to truly understand the full customer experience. There is undeniable value in decoding customer comments and the underlying themes that impact your business: your team becomes proactive and recognizes opportunities to impact customers and operations. See how one company turned feedback into corrective action and increased NPS scores by 30%!

Market Reports

Customer Verbatims

Improve quality across global teams and markets

Global teams that effortlessly understand customer sentiment and issues in every market and language help  support a rapid approach to innovation. The early detection of potential product issues can minimize warranty and recall costs, while patterns can emerge that identify opportunities to improve operational performance. See how one company manages 3rd party vendors using feedback from every market in the world to proactively address customer issues.

Customer Retention

Global Sales

Unlock R&D insights to drive confidence in innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology automation, the secret to developing a successful platform may be as straightforward as listening to the customer. When that customer talks about your competitor, you can tune those vocalized needs into insights that guide your product development. See how a leader in marketing technology created a competitive edge in a saturated market by truly understanding the customer preferences, and the  pain points to overcome, for an exceptional experience.

Organizational Efficiencies

Product Development

Identify an outage impacting 15K+ users after a product update.

After implementing a new product update, there was a surge in login issues impacting a significant portion of an apps user base. Using Resultid, they quickly identified the issue that was previously unnoticed due to resource constraints. This rapid detection led to immediate corrective action and a real business result that showcases the platform's ability to marrying qualitative text data with quantitative metrics for real-world business impact.