Companies get smarter when they understand what their customers are really saying

From Information to Intelligence, enterprises easily decode customer feedback to leverage the true power of their data

Quickly understand massive amounts of data and turn dense qualitative datasets into valuable insights with Resultid.

The key to growth lies in timely and precise business insights. With Resultid, you dive deep to analyze countless reviews, reports, and files to detect trends in seconds, and turn negative feedback into opportunities for product and service enhancement.

With Resultid:

Predict and address customer challenges before they happen

Optimize customer experiences that drive retention

Streamline operations across global teams & markets

Harness the power of data to steer strategic decisions

In one minute, Resultid can analyze:

540 hours of audio transcriptions

One million sentences

22,000+ pages of information


Companies spend tremendous time and resources collecting qualitative data because of it’s immense potential value. Unfortunately, it is often ignored and goes unused because of the time and resources it takes to analyze and digest.


Resultid combines the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing models with Artificial Intelligence to efficiently digest large amounts of data at a quick glance, allowing users to make informed decisions and DO more with their data.

Understand Customer Data & Simplify Decisions

Get a Complete

Automatically identify critical themes using customer feedback found in surveys, reviews, interviews, and call transcripts to drive improvements and enhance customer satisfaction.

Drive Business Impact with a Complete Picture

Gain Novel

Tell me what I don’t know, not what I already know! Discover the non-obvious issues and sentiment that are driving customer behaviors by easily identifying connections and patterns in your customer data.

Gain Actionable Insights from Diverse Channels

Implement Proactive

Automatically track the key patterns and trends from your text data to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Fuel innovation by delivering impactful outcomes to the entire organization.

Take Action with Informed Decisions

Driving a Consistent Customer Experience

Mission of

Different types of data from different sources can be analyzed together. Deliver information and insight consistency by applying the same analysis for all of your customer data, in any language.

Gain Actionable Insights from Diverse Channels

Existing Work

Build a knowledge base that leverages your existing work and updates as you learn new things. Your business brain develops as it continually adds relevant information to your analysis.

Gain Actionable Insights from Diverse Channels

No Language

Eliminate language barriers to ensure a seamless understanding of the voice of your customers, and  enhance the ability to make data-driven decisions that resonate globally across diverse markets.

Take Action with Informed Decisions